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Storck Bicycles

Since 1995 our business philosophy has been focused on innovative, pioneering, and timeless bicycles. A dynamic team develops and assembles all of our high-end bikes in Germany. Countless test wins and design awards speak for themselves. As a true trendsetter, Storck regularly develops highlights that keep marking milestones in lightweight frame design and component development.

Our innovations always build on time-tested Storck traditions. No matter what field you may have chosen as your special discipline, from road bikes to mountain bikes through to trekking or e-bikes, there is nothing left to be desired when choosing Storck. The same goes for cross-country fun with our cyclocrosser. storck bikes offer you the optimum compromise between maximum stiffness and efficient life span. our aerodynamic and super-light road bikes are not only reliable companions of professional teams but equally appreciated by hobby riders and in the bike racing scene for everyone.

Continuous further development of existing technologies, utilization of leading-edge materials, and excellence in design are Storck’s hallmarks. Many innovations that today are state of the art were developed, patented, and turned into marketable products by Storck.