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Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo

QR was founded in 1987 on the strength of a swim­-ready wetsuit that, in one season, completely changed the dynamics of triathlon racing. Soon after, in 1989, we created the first triathlon­-specific bike that was designed “from the handlebars back.” Bike course records fell; so did run splits, as athletes were more comfortable coming off the bike.

A lot has changed since those days: Carbon has overtaken steel, and technological gains are measured in seconds instead of hours. But Quintana Roo never stops innovating. Every bike we make is designed with athletes in mind.

Our bikes are built for a comfortable, FIST­-approved fit (Fit Institute Slowtwitch, pioneered by QR’s founder, Dan Empfield). Because riders have different goals, we have different models ­­-- and they’re all race­-worthy, from the entry­-level Kilo to the PRsix superbike.

In fact, combining elite technology with thoughtful design is a hallmark of Quintana Roo. We keep things simple, so you can achieve your best. We are performance. We are athletes. Exclusively Triathlon.