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Stem Sizing

Stem Sizing

Selecting the correct size stem is important in any good fitting, but with sizes ranging from 60mm-150mm and dozens of different stem angles, where are you supposed to start?

Stem angle is the angle of tilt the stem has built into its design. Most stems are reversible and can have a positive or negative angle. This affects the overall reach and handlebar height of the front end of the bike. From the riders perspective this feels like a more aggressive or less aggressive position on the bike.

Stem Length is the actual length of the stem from the center of the fork to the center of the handlebars. Length is generally measure in increments of 10mm starting around 60mm up to as long as 140 or 150mm. Different sized riders and different sized bikes require different sized stems.

During the fitting process its important that the riders needs are evaluated and a correct stem angle and length are chosen. Using the BikeFit Stem Sizer is how this is accomplished. By having immediate adjustments of length and angle the rider is able to distinguish the effects of small changes where they wouldn't have been able to previously. This tool allows the fine-tuning of the stem position and allows the rider ultimate comfort. 

Reasons to look at Bike Fitting and Stem Sizing, Hand Numbness, Finger numbness, Shoulder strain or pain, Neck pain, Upper or lower back pain, Forearm or upper arm pain.

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