Our Staff. Our Family.

At CycleWorks we believe family is important to any community. Thats why we consider our staff our family. We also consider each and every customer an extension of that family. We want to help encourage a healthier family lifestyle in our community.

Ben Madary

Ben's love for bicycles began when he started racing bikes as a kid. Ben has been repairing bikes for 15 years, today he enjoys helping people fall in love with bicycling.

Carlette Madary

Carlette enjoys teaching people of the importance of bicycle safety. With a background in emergency medicine she would love to see a helmet on every child.

Mark Bressler

Bikes have always been an important part of my life. As a child, bikes were the coolest, and best, way to get out and explore the world around me. As an adult, bikes allow me to unwind, get outdoors, take time to enjoy my surroundings, and tap back into the simple joys of my youth.

Chris Copus

What I love about bicycles is, to me, they represent freedom. When I was 8 years old and got my first new red Schwinn Stingray, that's what I had, freedom. Freedom to be able to go to my friends house and anywhere else my mother might let me go. Even to this day, when I get on my bike I still get that feeling of being 8 again.