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Hand Numbness

What Causes Hand Numbness?

There are many causes of hand and finger numbness. Below will be some of the more common causes and what can be done to help.

road handlebars tilted downward

Downward Bar Tilt

Rotating handlebars down increases reach and changes the angle of the wrist. This typically works for cyclists looking to get lower and more aerodynamic but most times at the sacrifice of comfort. 

road handlebars tilted upward

Upward Bar Tilt

Rotating handlebars up, helps to decrease reach and pressure on hands. This pushes the rider upward and increase overall wind drag, but most cyclists find this position more comfortable than the downward rotation.

brake lever positioning on a road bike handlebar

Brake Lever Position

Brake lever position affects fit because it dramatically changes the feel of the most common hand position of the rider. This works together with handlebar tilt and can be moved up or down to accommodate the riders comfort so long as the brake levers can still be accessed. 

road bike brake lever rotational position

Brake Hood Rotation

Brake Hoods can be rotated to change pressure on the hands. Many people never look to this adjustment as a possible solution to hand numbness but many times it solves or helps the issue significantly. 

These are just a few of the different contributing factors to consider when you are dealing with hand discomfort on the bike. During the fitting process all of these different handlebar and lever adjustments are analyzed and adjusted where necessary to make the rider as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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