Comfort, Safety And Efficiency Begin With Fit

Bike fitting is imperative to a successful and enjoyable cycling experience. Bike manufacturers produce and build out bikes with components that fit the “average” build human. Lets be honest…who knows what average means? That’s why fitting is so important. 

It's intimidating though, right?

-What length stem do I need?
-What do my hands go numb?
-Why do my feet go numb?
-Why do my other parts go numb or why do I have pain here?
-What size bike should I ride?
-Why does my butt hurt sooooooo bad?
These are all very common questions that can be answered using the BikeFit process. We analyze and correct the foot-pedal interface, how your feet/shoes connect with the pedals, foot pressure, foot tilt, and leg length difference. We measure and adjust saddle height and fore/aft adjustments. We setup and adjust the front end, stem length and angle, bar width and rotation and hood rotation, all to increase comfort and longevity of riding.